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Religion and Ads, the unlikely pair with a lot of potential

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If “everything is an ad network” as Eric Seufert says, I’m not sure Religion would have been top of mind. But that’s exactly what Steve Gatena, CEO of Pray.com has in mind. He’s quietly built the #1 app for faith based content in the world and is now tackling an ad-supported model for the app. Listen to our conversation about the inception of Pray.com, what drives Steve and his co-founders, and how ads can actually be additive to Pray.com’s mission.

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Walmart + Vizio, a match made in retail media heaven

Buying Vizio immediately gives Walmart more inventory (they’re now an RMN with CTV), more data (viewing behavior), and strengthens its payments data to close the loop from in-store, online, and now streaming. They already own the merchant relationships and that gives them access and leverage that most other ad platforms don’t have.

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