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From Morning Brew ☕️ to beehiiv 🐝 , and building a $20B+ newsletter empire

Tyler Denk was employee #2 at Morning Brew. He built the growth engine that helped their newsletters reach 4M+ subscribers and get acquired for $75M. As the CEO and co-founder of beehiiv he’s now making those growth tools and much more, available to anyone with a newsletter, including this one (Taking Inventory ❤️ beehiiv).

Listen as he shares stories from his Morning Brew journey, to being a Google PM, and how all of that has led to building a $16.5M-backed newsletter platform built for growth. He also talks about building in public and why more founders should do it, his vision for the future of creators, and how beehiiv is going to make the "Ad Manager" for email marketing (a $20 billion+ opportunity).

This is a great conversation with a CEO reimagining an entire industry. Listen, follow, and give us a 5-star rating on Spotify, Apple, or wherever you listen to your podcasts.

The Meta Earnings 🚀 

Meta’s ads business is a cash printing machine. The stock is up 20% today on $40B of ad spend in Q4’23. Here’s a Tweet to put that into perspective.

Payments 💳 Are The New Cookies 🍪

Read the Taking Inventory POV on how brands and platforms are using payments to get around the cookie-less future and how they’re actually getting more data than they’re used to.

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